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SFI Tanzania Ltd.

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SFI Tanzania Ltd was established in 2013, bringing a wide range of social, economic, and environmental benefits to the Tanga region of Tanzania.


SFI Tanzania is an agroforestry company. Sisal and forestry areas cover a total planted area of more than 4,000 ha on the estates. On 5,000 ha of degraded and fallow land on the estates the company expands sisal plantations, afforestation, and restoration of natural areas. Sisal fibre is processed and sold to international and local markets.


The company is a subsidiary of Sustainable Forestry Investments B.V. in the Netherlands.

The two SFI Tanzania sisal estates include Kwaraguru and Kwamdulu estates.

Karibu sana!


SFI Tanzania Ltd ni kampuni inayomiliki mashamba mawili ya mkonge yaliyo nje kidogo ya jiji la Tanga na inashughulika na kilimo cha zao la mkonge.


Kampuni hii yenye mashamba mawili ina lengo la kuendeleza uzalishaji wa zao hilo katika ubora wa hali ya juu kwa zao lenyewe na bidhaa zake.


Jumla ya eneo ambalo kampuni hii inamiliki ni hektari elfu tisa (9000 ha) zilizopo maeneo ya jirani na miji miwili ya Korogwe na Kabuku huku ikiwa imeajiri watumishi wapatao elfu moja mia mbili (1,200).

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SFI Tanzania

The principal activities of the company are to establish and manage large-scale sisal and small scale forestry in a sustainable way through upscaling and improvement of the sisal production and afforestation of fallow land on the sisal estates.


In 2013, SFI Tanzania Ltd acquired two sisal estates in Tanzania; Kwaraguru and Kwamdulu estate, near Korogwe and Segera respectively, with a total area of 9,145ha. Kwamdulu and Kwaraguru estates were however established long before that in 1935.


SFI Tanzania Ltd does all its own sisal exports through dedicated and professionally managed export operations through the port cities of Tanga and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


With a sisal fibre production of over 1,600 tonnes per annum the company is committed to increase production on an annual basis.


The company employs over 1,200 people, most of whom are housed on the estates which also provide medical facilities for the employees and their dependants, as well as schools and other amenities.


SFI Tanzania Ltd has high level national and international qualified management staff for estate management and sisal production. Our staff at the sisal estates have long-term experience in cultivating and manufacturing sisal.


2013 - 2022



Acquisition of purified water filtration factories
Sisal production doubled
OSHA certified
Implementation of sisal waste distribution


Sisal products

SFI Tanzania offers high quality sisal in bales of 100, 200 and 250 kg.


Sisal at SFI Tanzania





Year established
Hectares planted with sisal
Hectares planted with forestry trials
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SFI Tanzania Ltd manages various forestry trials on both estates and has a stakeholder agreement with the Forestry Development Trust. Various commercial tree species are being tested such as teak, eucalyptus and pine together with a few indigenous species like Dalbergia (mpingo). Teak stumps and training on tree planting are provided to outgrowers.

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“SFI Tanzania ltd values its employees so much that even non-employees praise the company. Employees are provided with working tools and personal protective equipment in their working areas. This is a very transparent company that has put its policies on the notice boards so that every employee can read and understand them”.



—  Magreth Lawrence, Teak nursery attendant



Head Office
Marketing and sales

SFI Tanzania Ltd.
P.O. Box 57



For any inquiries, on SFI Tanzania products,

please contact:

SFI Tanzania is a subsidiary of

Sustainable Forestry Investments B.V.

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