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    Tanga ni mkonge
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Management plan
Management plan 2017


Monitoring plan
Monitoring Plan 2018


Monitoring reports
Monitoring Report 2017 

Biodiversity reports
Biodiversity report Kwamdulu and Kwaraguru Estates, 2014

High Conservation Value Forest analysis reports
High Conservation Value Analysis - April 2016

Social and Environmental Impact Assessments

Other downloads
Simple guide for FSC Certification (in Kiswahili)
(to inform the stakeholders in Tanzania, Simon Minja of SFI Tanzania translated the IMAFLORA /CIEFE booklet on the FSC certification process from English into Kiswahili. The booklet can be downloaded here. For those who would like to print the booklet, a print version is available which can be obtained by sending an email to Form International. The (large) print version of the file will then be sent to you.)

FSC commitment
Soil Reconnaisance 2012
Soils of Kwamdulu Estate 1988
Corporate Responsibility Policy
Grievances and complaints